Corporate Solutions for US Relocation

Global Citizenship Services is able to support every stage of your relocation to the United States. We pool our extensive immigration and corporate experience to help you build the strongest possible case for the US authorities, and stay by your side as you begin navigating the complex world of paying US taxes and setting up a business. Contact us to set up a free consultation.

Here are just some of the corporate legal services we offer:

  • Assisting you with basic corporate formation matters, including incorporation services for the respective State
  • Drafting legal documentation related to building a “Corporate Board Book” as is necessary to launch your new venture.
  • Preparing an Operating or Incorporation Agreement that properly and accurately reflect the realities of your business while recording your agreement with co-business owners;
  • Shareholder Agreement(s) and Voting Rights;
  • Issuing Shares or Membership Interests;
  • Appointing Board Members and Company Officers
  • Drafting any necessary employment agreements for your US enterprise
  • Drafting documentation necessary for your investor relationships, including, but not limited to: Convertible Loan Agreements, Stock Purchase Agreements, Stock Ledgers Cap Tables and Share Certificates
  • Procuring licenses that you will need to produce when your visa application is filed
  • Reviewing applicable lease documentation
  • Drafting and reviewing commercial agreements with your customers and suppliers

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