Unlock Business Opportunities with E-2 Visas from GCS

E-2 Visas

The E-2 visa allows citizens of certain countries the opportunity of owning and operating a business in the United States. It is a non-immigrant visa, which can be renewed indefinitely, and allows the holder to live in the United States.

Citizens of just under half of the countries in the world are eligible for the E-2 visa, which is determined by whether the country has a relevant treaty with the United States. A full list of countries can be found below

Non-E-2 Treaty Nations

At GCS we see opportunities where others see barriers. We have worked with citizens of non-treaty nations such as India and China to devise routes to make them eligible. By first taking citizenship of an eligible country, our clients have been able to then apply for E-2 visas. We work with several eligible citizenship by investment (CBI) programs, including Grenada, Albania and Turkey. The best CBI program depends upon the needs and interests of each client.

EB-5 Retrogression and E-2

Chinese EB-5 clients are subject to a multi-year waiting list for E-2 visas. This so-called “Retrogression” may also soon affect people born in India and Vietnam. For those of our clients who have pressing business needs in the United States, we work with them to couple their EB-5 application with and E-2 application. This allows our clients to live and work in the United States on the non-immigrant E-2 visa until the reach the top of the waiting list for the EB-5 visa.


Some of our E-2 clients know what business they want to own and operate. However, many do not, and we are able to help provide a range of options to suit every budget. Our franchise team can connect you to a range of business opportunities in anything from coffee shops and co-working spaces to property management and energy solutions retailers.

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