Build Your Future in the U.S. with E2 Visa Franchises


The United States was built by immigrants from all around the world pursuing the seemingly endless commercial opportunities. And the same remains true to this day. Across America, immigrant families, entrepreneurs, students and investors seek to build their futures in the world’s largest economy.

The E-2 immigrant visa category requires the holder to operate a business in the United States. Some of our clients have a business in mind, but others need more inspiration. We are able to connect our clients with a range of franchise opportunities across the United States.

We are able to propose a range of options to suit different interests and budgets. A sample of potential business sectors is listed below together with an indication of how much you might expect to pay. The best thing is to schedule a meeting with our franchise team to explore all the different options available.

Industry business overview total investment franchise fee
electronics retailer and repairer retail store specializing in sales
and repair of certified pre-owned computers,tablets and mobile phones
$170k-$175k $49.5k
marketing retail store providing complete marketing strategies and promotional products $155k-$165k(retail$45k(office)) $49.5k(retail)$29.5k(office)
restaurant fast casual dining restaurant $350k-$500k $39.5k
signature retailer retail store providing full service sign and graphics
products and servivces
$185k-$195k $49.5k
energy solutions retailer provide solutions to the energy needs of business
and commercial property owners
$60k-$65k $49.5k
business broker / consultants full services business brokerage $65k $49.5k
co-working space developer co-working office space franchise $900k-$1.2m $79.5k
property management operate a business to buy. sell and rehabilitate
residental and commercial properties
$53k-$421k $27k-$65k

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